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When booking your DJ service there are several important points you should consider.  When you select a disc jockey, your choice will be determined largely by your budget and the formality of your wedding.  Music sets the tone for the entire reception from the ceremony processional to the last dance of the night.

Following is what you need to know when selecting a disc jockey:

The type of music played at the reception will be determined by the age of your guests.

Background music can be played during dinner.

The disc jockey is usually the master of ceremonies.

Request a variety of songs that appeal to all age groups.

Make a list of special requests you want played.

Discuss the timing of announcements with the master of ceremonies (bridal couple entering the room, cake cutting, first dance, throwing the bouquet and garter, etc.)

Dress attire.

Cancellation policy.

Is a deposit required and how much?

Is there an additional fee for extra hours?

What is their wedding package fee, including any extra charges?

When is the final amount due?

Get the name of the disc jockey who is working your wedding.

How many hours are included in the package?

Does an assistant help?

How many years have they been doing weddings?

Do they have a back-up system readily available if needed?

Do they use state-of-the-art audio and lighting equipment?

Does the equipment provide crystal sound at a comfortable volume level?

Do they use compact discs or cassette tapes?

Do they have an extensive library of music covering a wide variety eras and genres.

The information above was furnished from the "Today's Wedding" handbook and wedding planner.  

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